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The Details

When Amazon first released the Echo, it was only available in the US. Amazon desired to grow an ecosystem of apps, which they called Alexa skills. I was tasked with marketing to developers to expand that selection of apps rapidly. But since the Echo was so new and only available in the US, not many software developers owned one yet.

I saw a developer had published an open-source web-based Echo simulator and immediately saw the potential. If I could make a digital Amazon echo that looked and acted like a real device, any developer in the world could build an Alexa skill. So I hired a team of talented engineers to build

The Echo simulator went viral almost immediately. I wrote a blog to launch the site, and the media picked it up. The site spread like wildfire.

Echosim opened up Alexa development to every developer on the planet. I used digital marketing techniques to reach those developers and more rapidly expand the selection of apps available on Alexa. The project earned me a nomination for Amazon’s “Just Do It Award.”

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